How to Play:

WASD - Movement

Left Click - Holds Sword out (Consumes Stamina)

Esc - Quit out of full screen


Stamina - Controls how long you can have your sword out. Can be upgraded by the black smith cell.

Size - Controls the player's health of all cells. Can be upgraded by the milk cell. Cap at twice its size.

Cell Number - Controls how many cells are in control.  Numbers can be increased by the clusters of cells or by freeing them form crystals. When upgraded from cluster of cells, reduce size by 0.1. Min size must be 1.

Speed - Controls movement speed of the cell. Can be upgraded by the Mitochondria farmer.

How this game plays out:

There are two phases of the game. The Upgrade Phase and the Game Phase, in the Game Phase you must survive, collect, or achieve a goal.

Failing to complete a task will take away one life. You have three. Once you hit zero, it is game over.

As the game progresses, the difficulty will increase and you're able to gain exp, level up, and will be able to upgrade your cell after each Game Phase.



This is my entry for "Let's Create Game Jam #1" hosted by  Matthew palaje.

The theme for this competition is 30 second quest. My game is about a cell that goes through a bunch of mini games where you have to do X quest in 30 seconds or less. As the game progress, you can upgrade your cell each time you level up. 

This is my second unity game and first time working solo. Thanks for checking out the game and I hope you enjoy!

*Play in full screen please!

**Currently working on the Desktop/Windows build. At the moment the code is funky.

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