Controls: AD to move Left/Right, Your umbrella will follow your mouse.

Stars/Star Snails are bad, they will take away a health or two.

Goal: Slap 100 stars out of the sky or smack snails with your umbrella.

100 Star Rain is a simple game where you have an umbrella and avoid getting stardust on you. Your umbrella clears the stars without getting any on you. Can you survive 100 Stars?


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This is a fun game.  I wish there were sound effects.  I would have appreciated  if there were extra health points we could pick up but maybe that's just me being bad at it.  I loved how you bounce on the snails.

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I like how I can get into situations where the stars can be coming from almost every direction, including below me. That forced me to prioritize what stars to destroy first and that was really enjoyable. Good job!

Fun game, I like whatever shader/lighting effect you're using on everything to make things glow.

Quickly amassed a star army on the ground and died.

The idea is too good ahah a cube with an umbrella x) If you could add sounds when the stars hit the umbrella it would be even cooler !

Just a little problem we can get out of the game by going all right or all left ! It would be nice to put up walls to prevent this.